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Kyoto Spots

See all famous places near you! Discover the real Japan.

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Happy Visitors

We have fun and crazy nights! Come and check it!

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Hostel Facilities

KARAOKE and more! Japanese food & drinks to taste.

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Book your Room

Stay with us and book today! Cheap Kyoto hostel.

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What our Guests say about Kyoto Hostel


Dan Patel wrote on 25. May. 2006 - 06:47
Many a fine day I spent chillaxing in the superb grounds. Take it easy.
Benny mattais wrote on 24. May. 2006 - 05:07
I will highly recommend it.
Thanks for taking care of us.
You guys are great .We will see you in the future.
ALEX wrote on 22. May. 2006 - 22:00 Website
It was nice hanging around .
The hostel is cool & i like the guys
keep it up.
Hey Jay I am the guy who talks too much..... !
Vadim wrote on 22. May. 2006 - 11:26 Website
Congratulations on your new site!
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