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News & Event @ Kyoto Bakpak Hostel

from 1st-15th/August [ 8. Jul. 2014 - 02:49]
Geisha beer garden opens in Miyagawa-cho.

For more information, please contact us.
Gion Festival [ 2. Jul. 2014 - 04:31]

Hello you guys! How’s going recently ? :)


In Kyoto, the one of famous festival has been started…!

It is called “Gion Festival” !


Gion festival is held during July.


So I pick up the hottest event in Gion festival as below.

Check it up!


     Yoi-yama (宵山)

7/147/16 on Shijyo St(四条通)

You can see lots Yamahokos and stalls.

7/17 and  7/23

Yamahoko Junko (procession of Gion Festival Floats)

goes along this street north from Shijo-dori Street to Oike-dori Street on July 17th

and from Oike-dori Street to Shijo-dori Street on July 23th.


HELLO-----! [21. Jun. 2014 - 03:16]
Do you like Japanese Beer ? [14. Jun. 2014 - 02:57]

 Hey, you guys! How do you spend your time nowadays?

If you have done nothing special, How about going to this factory?

Suntory as above picture is one of famous Japanese beer companies.


They have factory tour included tasting beer!

Have you ever tried it? If no, go there~!



(3-1-1, Choshi, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, 617-0844, Japan)

Business hour// 9:30 ~ 17:00(except Holiday)

     To join this tour, you need to check their schedule and book.


     Admission fee is free and this tour is carried out from 2 persons.

How do you spend time in the rainy season? [22. May. 2014 - 05:09]

There are about 4 seasons in Japan,

so the rainy season is coming soon…!

Usually the start of rainy season is in June.

Hydrangea is famous flower to come into blossom in this season.



In Kyoto, Mimuroto-ji temple(三室戸寺) is opening the garden of Hydrangea soon.

Also the light up event is held in this temple.


     Mimurotoji-temple’s event

* June 1st to July 13th / open:8:30 ~ 16:30

  (The light up event: Only Weekends 19:00~20:30

on June 14th to 29th )

* Admission fee : 500yen

( separate fee for the light up event :500 yen)

* Direction: 611-0013 Todo Shiga-tani 21, Uji city, Kyoto



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