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News & Event @ Kyoto Bakpak Hostel

Cherry blossom [19. Mar. 2014 - 06:34]
The Cherry blossom season will come!

The cherry blossom season brings crowds of people to parks.
They enjoy seeing the flower , eating delicious food
and talking with their friends.

In Kyoto, there are many places of interest.

The best time : Beginning - Middle of April
Admission fee : 600 yen (child 300 yen)
Light up time : 18:15-21:00
More information :

HINAMATSURI [22. Feb. 2014 - 04:34]
3rd March is HINAATSURI (girl's day)!!!

It's the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls.
The families with girls display dolls called Hina-ningyo from the middle of February and eat special food (Chirashizushi, Hamaguri, Hinaarare,,,) on the day.

There is the event in SHIMOGAMO shrine !
People get afloat Hina-ningyo on straws to pray health of children.
Let's try it !!

★DAY: 3rd March
★TIME ; reception/9:30A.M.   start/10:30A.M.
★shrine HO URL ;
★TEL ; 075-781-0010

2014 Kyoto Winter [16. Feb. 2014 - 03:32]

Setsu-bun(節分) on February 3rd [30. Jan. 2014 - 03:44]
Do you know "節分(Setsu-bun)"?

It's a Japanese traditional event that divides two seasons
: winter and spring.

Setsu-bun usually occurs around February 3rd,
in this year it supposed to be this day :)

On this day, people throw and scatter roasted soy beans
inside and outside their houses while saying,

"Get goblins out of the house!
 Invite happiness into the home!"

We call it " Mame maki (豆まき)".
After that, people customarily eat as many roasted soybeans as your age
and pray for happiness.

You can see and buy a special sweets and soybeans
like the above pictures in this season.

 Also in Kyoto there are lots festivals on Setsu bun!
 If you are interested in it, go there!

“Yoshida Shrine(吉田神社)” 2/2 – 2/4 :
Setsu-bun Big Festival(節分大祭)

 8am- 9 ~11pm(depends on the day)

 There are many Japanese style street stalls
and you could see Japanese goblins we call it “Oni(鬼)” !

Address // 30 Yoshidakaguraoka-cho, Kyotoshisakyo-ku 606-8311
(〒606-8311  京都市左京区吉田神楽岡町30番地)
バスケットしませんか? [29. Jan. 2014 - 02:05]


*Date : 21st of February

*Start : 19 :00 ~21:00

*Place : Higashiyama chiki taikukan

Member : 300yen

Please feel free to ask us.

Thank you.



3on3 したい方募集。

***2月21日 夜 19:00-21:00 ***

***場所 : 東山地域体育館 3F ***

参加費用: 300円..



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